2024 Photo Gallery


2024 Update

While there was an initial delay in the water wells project, quotes were received and an agreement was made to proceed with three wells (Kwamahlangu High School; Community of Siyabuswa and Kuilsrivier).

The 1200 students at Kwamahlanga High School used to receive 2,500 litres of water once a week via a tanker and are now provided 12,5000 litres of water from the well which is 156 metres deep.

The Siyabusea A community has received water for the past five years via a water tanker once a week. With the well gushing water so well, the King is looking into connecting it to the main community supply.

The Kuilsrivier community of 8,000 were without water as the municipal water system was shut down for 5 years – resulting in the school having to close this year. This well is connected to the municipal waterways and is adequate for the community.

Proposal for building a new hospital in Mashirini, and a site for the nursing school adjacent to it.

Issues with church not maintaining facility – need for land acquisition of about 15 hectares for school.

Funding needed for food supplies for a 35 girls only orphanage.

The UICT is a girls only orphanage. The facility was acquired in 2017. It has 2 classrooms that houses the girls. After graduating from Grade 12, the girls move onto college or a university. 85% become tutors at these institutions.

King Ngwenyama Musi 2nd passed away at the age of 70.

2023 Update

Staff appreciation meeting on Feb 8. 55 grocery vouchers presented to teachers and support staff.

A visit to the Ndebele village and museum, economically impacted by COVID-19.

A visit to the King of the Ndebele tribe, Joshua Skosana. Met with the royal family, tribe elders and chiefs to discuss economic hardships. Reviewed KDFs mandate and water well project which was welcomed.

Feb 24 – meeting with King Joshua, Prince Peter Skosana, and royal assistants, Farhad Nanabhai and Dr Mosumbuka. Reviewed the nursing project, water well project and primary health care projects with ‘ Medical Home’ concepts. Farhad to communicate with the Turkish charity for the water project and will provide the funding from KDF.

2022 Update

The construction and renovation of ‘Canada House’ at the ‘Alphonso Orphanage’ was completed.

5 Canadian donors visited the orphanage, school and kindergarten

The 2 bedroom unit for 35 to 50 orphans is now equipped with several rooms with 2 bunkbeds and multiple shower stalls and toilets, a library, a kitchen, a TV room, a medical room and storage rooms.

The school for learners with special education needs (LSEN) has seen many developments.

The Ministry of health, education and social services approved a budget for several initiatives wich included children’s transportation,  the development of separate classrooms for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, purchase of the entire property from the St. Joseph’s Catholic Mission, and for developing the Sizanane LSEN School as the Regional Centre for children and adults with special education needs. A substantial achievement in 8 years.

Debating classes entered the Provincial Debating competition which included all regular and Special Education schools in the province!

Clothing obtained from Canada was distributed to the Thuto Pele Kindergarten. 10 classrooms were supplied with propane heaters along with a provision of recyclable educational supplies.

A branch of the Kungwini Dream Fund was officially registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation (NPO) to manage the funds locally which helped with a tax exemption for services.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in panic buying and government offices shutting down. Several educational presentations were made about COVID-19 and enough medical supplies provided for 3 months.

Update – March 2021

All building renovations are now complete making things more functional. The vegetable garden is flourishing and an irrigation system installed.

Due to COVID, rezoning is still pending.

Thankfully, no one has contracted COVID.  With the schools closed, the children are able to play indoors and outdoors and they are doing well.

The installation of a solar system is pending.

Our new chairperson Ntime Kekana is doing well and will take over when Hilda retires.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get through the year with their donations and gifts and thank you to the staff and board members.

Update – December 2020

Despite the pandemic, the children are safe, doing well and they are happy. All measures are in place to ensure we do the right thing during this time.

Paperwork for rezoning has been submitted.

With the increase in electricity tariffs and supply being unstable, we have decided to install a solar system.

The lockdown has slowed things down but we remain optimistic.

While we are waiting for vaccines, we are being cautious by wearing masks, sanitizing and social distancing.

Thank you to everyone for helping keep a safe environment and in doing their part during this difficult time.