2024 Update

While there was an initial delay in the water wells project, quotes were received and an agreement was made to proceed with three wells (Kwamahlangu High School; Community of Siyabuswa and Kuilsrivier).

The 1200 students at Kwamahlanga High School used to receive 2,500 litres of water once a week via a tanker and are now provided 12,5000 litres of water from the well which is 156 metres deep.

The Siyabusea A community has received water for the past five years via a water tanker once a week. With the well gushing water so well, the King is looking into connecting it to the main community supply.

The Kuilsrivier community of 8,000 were without water as the municipal water system was shut down for 5 years – resulting in the school having to close this year. This well is connected to the municipal waterways and is adequate for the community.

Proposal for building a new hospital in Mashirini, and a site for the nursing school adjacent to it.

Issues with church not maintaining facility – need for land acquisition of about 15 hectares for school.

Funding needed for food supplies for a 35 girls only orphanage.

The UICT is a girls only orphanage. The facility was acquired in 2017. It has 2 classrooms that houses the girls. After graduating from Grade 12, the girls move onto college or a university. 85% become tutors at these institutions.

King Ngwenyama Musi 2nd passed away at the age of 70.

2023 Update

Staff appreciation meeting on Feb 8. 55 grocery vouchers presented to teachers and support staff.

A visit to the Ndebele village and museum, economically impacted by COVID-19.

A visit to the King of the Ndebele tribe, Joshua Skosana. Met with the royal family, tribe elders and chiefs to discuss economic hardships. Reviewed KDFs mandate and water well project which was welcomed.

Feb 24 – meeting with King Joshua, Prince Peter Skosana, and royal assistants, Farhad Nanabhai and Dr Mosumbuka. Reviewed the nursing project, water well project and primary health care projects with ‘ Medical Home’ concepts. Farhad to communicate with the Turkish charity for the water project and will provide the funding from KDF.

2022 Update

The construction and renovation of ‘Canada House’ at the ‘Alphonso Orphanage’ was completed.

5 Canadian donors visited the orphanage, school and kindergarten

The 2 bedroom unit for 35 to 50 orphans is now equipped with several rooms with 2 bunkbeds and multiple shower stalls and toilets, a library, a kitchen, a TV room, a medical room and storage rooms.

The school for learners with special education needs (LSEN) has seen many developments.

The Ministry of health, education and social services approved a budget for several initiatives wich included children’s transportation,  the development of separate classrooms for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, purchase of the entire property from the St. Joseph’s Catholic Mission, and for developing the Sizanane LSEN School as the Regional Centre for children and adults with special education needs. A substantial achievement in 8 years.

Debating classes entered the Provincial Debating competition which included all regular and Special Education schools in the province!

Clothing obtained from Canada was distributed to the Thuto Pele Kindergarten. 10 classrooms were supplied with propane heaters along with a provision of recyclable educational supplies.

A branch of the Kungwini Dream Fund was officially registered in South Africa as a non-profit organisation (NPO) to manage the funds locally which helped with a tax exemption for services.

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in panic buying and government offices shutting down. Several educational presentations were made about COVID-19 and enough medical supplies provided for 3 months.

Update – March 2021

All building renovations are now complete making things more functional. The vegetable garden is flourishing and an irrigation system installed.

Due to COVID, rezoning is still pending.

Thankfully, no one has contracted COVID.  With the schools closed, the children are able to play indoors and outdoors and they are doing well.

The installation of a solar system is pending.

Our new chairperson Ntime Kekana is doing well and will take over when Hilda retires.

Thank you to everyone who helped us get through the year with their donations and gifts and thank you to the staff and board members.

Update – December 2020

Despite the pandemic, the children are safe, doing well and they are happy. All measures are in place to ensure we do the right thing during this time.

Paperwork for rezoning has been submitted.

With the increase in electricity tariffs and supply being unstable, we have decided to install a solar system.

The lockdown has slowed things down but we remain optimistic.

While we are waiting for vaccines, we are being cautious by wearing masks, sanitizing and social distancing.

Thank you to everyone for helping keep a safe environment and in doing their part during this difficult time.

Wishing you happiness and peace

Dear Friends,

You have transformed the empty lives of these broken children into a meaningful life.

This past year we have developed the hairstyling classroom, provided the children with sports clothing, shoes, traditional clothing for cultural activities, sports equipment, a jungle gym, gardening skills training equipment and 2 laptops for the teaching staff.

Thank you again for your donation.

Wishing you happiness and peace.

Dr Hussain, all the children and the Board of the Kungwini Dream Fund.

Tribute to a Stalwart

In the State of the Nation Address presented to the joint sitting of Parliament in Cape Town on 3 June 2009, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Jacob G Zuma, stated that “Education will be a key priority for the next five years. We want our teachers, learners and parents to work together with government to turn our schools into thriving centres of excellence.”

Preceding this important statement made by the President, the Government of South Africa launched a health and education campaign at Walter Sisulu Square in Kliptown on 11 August 2008. This campaign arose from the recognition that health and education should be at the centre of the Social Transformation Programme for the next five years.

It is against this background that the Kungwini Parliamentary Constituency Office (PCO) raised its hand to be counted among those that have heeded the call by the State President. To this effect, Kungwini PCO, through the effort of a successful local entrepreneur, Mrs Ameenia Nanabhai, better known as uMakoti, made it possible that a reunion between the South African born Dr Mohamed Rashid Goolam Hussain and the local leadership takes place.

Dr Hussain, a medical doctor by profession, studied at the University of Natal and later practised as a general practitioner in the former KwaNdebele, Kwaggafontein. In the late 1980s, due to the unjust laws and the documented history of segregation during apartheid South Africa, Dr Hussain left the country to pursue his career in Canada. He is currently a Medical Director at the Tri-Hospital Sleep Laboratory West in Canada. He is decorated with a number of achievements in his involvement in both the private and government circle in Canada. The Kungwini PCO has partnered with Dr Hussain in advancing the concept of quality education for all. In 2012 and 2013 he formed part of the delegation that consisted of Members of Parliament, Members of Provincial Legislation, councillors, the Chief Whip, the Speaker of Council, religious groups, school governing bodies, city officials, Members of the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign and other important partners during the Back to School Campaign led by Members of the Executive Council in Gauteng Province. The Members of Executive Council, M Nkomfe and N Kholisile, were among those who graced this outreach programme. During this period, schools such as Dan Kutumela High School, Ekangala Comprehensive School, Sithjejiwe High School, Strauss High School, new Zithobeni Combined School and others, were visited by the leadership of government joined by other progressive formations within Region 7 of the City of Tshwane.

Doctor Hussain has led a number of groundbreaking initiatives which included addressing Grade 11 and 12 learners on the importance of studying Maths and Science; he also introduced the School Health Initiative Programme which focused on conducting medical investigations for learners attending the School for the Disabled in Sizanani. He has conducted a cohort study which seeks to address the reduction of barriers to health care, learning and development, as well as the promotion of essential health awareness and behaviour which will have direct impact on a child ‘s school performance, absenteeism and overall health matters. He introduced the concept of teacher-performance at th is school and assisted in improving its results. The role of the Kungwini PCO has been instrumental and commendable to Dr Hussain’s work, noting many of the socio-economic challenges that exist and affects the learners, with limited resources to overcome these unfortunate circumstances.

With his involvement as a doctor in this project, he has been able to offer his [medical] skills and knowledge. His contribution has enabled the district and all its social partners to benefit towards realising the goal of achieving quality health and education in underprivileged communities, residing in areas such as the erstwhile Metsweding.

It is very commendable to experience such a good partnership by local citizenry, in particular with someone who is a professional. Dr Hussain dedicates his life towards addressing the core issues that a touches the lives of ordinary people, without any financial gain. During his last days in South Africa before departing to Canada, the Kungwini PCO, together with the Office of the Chief Whip, deemed it fit to pay a farewell tribute to Dr Hussain as part of recognising his selfless contribution – he visits South Africa during his off-season and holidays, usually between December and March each year. The Kungwini PCO organised a farewell which was attended by the key local stakeholders, such as Leaders of the Gauteng North District, religious groups led by Pastor Jele, Hon MP JB Sibanyoni, Hon MPL R Ndzuta, local councillors led by a convener, Cllr J Masombuka, school governing bodies and various school principals as well as the leadership of the ruling party in the Metsweding zone. All the speakers commended both the Kungwini PCO and Dr Hussain for the work done towards putting Gauteng North District and the Metsweding constituency on the map. This included celebrating the top achievements of the matric results and being the best performing district in the entire Gauteng for 2012.
During this event which took place on Constituency Day, Monday the 25th of March 2013, the Chief Whip of Council, Jabu Mabona, also praised Dr Hussain for partnering with the local stakeholders to achieve a better life for all. He emphasised that this will only be realised when all people are glued together and more hands on and practical in contributing to the slogan of “working together we can do more”.

Finally, as part of paying tribute to the work done by Dr Hussain, the Member of the National Assembly deployed in Kungwini PCO, Hon JB Sibanyoni, also tabled a statement, which was read in Parliament on 19 March 2013, wherein he praised the good work done by the Dr Hussain. Sibanyoni said, “It is people like Dr Mohamed Hussain who, during his holiday, dedicated his limited time in the country and contributed towards bettering the lives of ordinary people and especially with no gain. He has continuously served as an inspiration to the entire area of Kungwini and Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. On behalf of Kungwini Constituency, I say: Dr Hussain, bon voyage on your trip back to Canada.”

School Motivational Speech 2013

Greetings–  Learners, educators, executives of the school, the mayor’s office, councillors, and the organizers of this meeting, the PCA officers of the ANC

Nkosi Sikelele e’Africa = God save Africa – opening statement of the South African National Anthem!

Why should God save Africa if we continue to destroy it and not build it?

Introduction: MD from Canada; Medical and Research Director of THSLW in Toronto; Specialist in Sleep Disorders and Author of several books, documentaries and articles on sleep disorders, Task Force member and Principal assessor for the CPSO.

Born in BHS; schooled in Lenasia; studied at Univ. of Natal and Wits; first MD to serve in Kwaggafontein, migrated to Canada and been there for 28 years.

I am about to present a motivation speech to encourage YOUR  primary purpose here – Your education.

I do have some valuable information to share with you.

  • This speech is for the children struggling with what life has given them;
  • for the ambitious students who dreams to be the future leaders of Africa,
  • and the student who wants to make a real difference for himself, his family, his community, and his country.

Firstly I will focus on Intelligence; the different types of intelligence (each of us has 2 to 3 unique types of intelligence – that is why we are so different in the way we learn), then on what makes a great student, and finally  focus on the importance of your education  for your country, your family and your community.

Intelligence is defined as the capacity to learn, reason and understand.

There are several types of unique intelligence – Most of us have 2 to 3 types of unique intelligence. Which type of learner are you?

1st)      The Visual (Spatial) learner (called picture smart) – vivid imagination, loves art, thinks in pictures – need to see things to understand them – love charts, diagrams, films –very common type

2nd)     Kinaesthetic learners ((called body smart) – the ‘doers and makers’, are physically active, need to be active to learn – create models, build projects – may find classrooms confining

3rd)     Musical learner (songs and rhythm smart) – sings, are musicians, like mnemonics, listen to instruments while studying and sings or play an instrument in breaks.

4th)      Interpersonal learners (social smart) – – learn by talking and interacting with others – love to talk in class, love debates and discussions- are natural leaders and tutors

5th)      Personal learner (solitary smart) –reflective, quiet, introverted – study alone –prefer one on one – prefer a quiet place at home to study

6th)      Mathematic learners (logic smart) – are the math whizzes, the organizing gurus, the pattern finders and planners- sometimes have trouble with creativity and social activities – like traditional classrooms

7th)      Linguistic / Verbal learners (word smart) – are bookworms, are  brilliant writers and speakers, do well alone and sometimes in groups – also like traditional classrooms like math learners

So what makes a great student?

  • One who understands their types of unique intelligence, and their strengths and weaknesses – and takes advantage of the strengths and works to improve on the weaknesses
  • One who sets goals that guide how to spend time and energy – goals are specific eg not ‘must improve in class’  but ‘must get 100%’Lead balanced lives – knows importance of success in school, friendship, family, community, country, hobbies and extracurricular activities
  • Have curios minds – Chinese call ‘beginners minds’ – pretend to be learners

Now I will focus on the importance of your education.

Have you ever thought why the wealthiest and most advanced countries in the world have the best of everything?

  • The best health care, the best education and justice systems for all its citizens;
  • the most peaceful and safe living environments
  • freedom of speech and movement,
  • and the most advanced and creative inventions. These countries include Canada, Germany, USA, UK, and Japan.


Have you ever thought why Africa is so poor; has so much violence; has such corrupt leaders that are so profoundly abusive to its own people?

Why does Africa have to depend on the developed countries for its survival when it has more natural resources than any other continent?

Have you ever thought why your uncle or father is a gardener or a manual labourer, or why your mother is a housemaid, a laundry maid or a street hawker, or a beggar?

There is only one reason for all of these scenarios, and it is the lack of EDUCATION

Most of Africa is uneducated – so any group with a little knowledge abuses and threaten those with a lessor education, or the ignorant – and force them to live in fear, to live in poverty and in a confused state of anger, which they project onto their family and community!

Tragic, but this is true. This is the reality of the oppressors and the oppressed.

In Canada every person is equal:

  • male or female; black, brown or white; gay or stray; any religion, any age, any disability, any background – all are one
  • one  big family who care for each other; who support each other in health and wealth; who are proud of each other; who care of each other’s families and communities; and care and aid the needy people all over this world when tragedy falls on them.

This is not a dream – it is a fact – I live this dream in Canada

And it can be the same for us all here in South Africa

Only with Education can you achieve it – and you have it right here in this school with the support of your educators.

So what is your obligation?

I quote a very famous and influential grandson of Africa He is changing the world with his education.

He is Barack Hussain Obama, the President of the United States of America. He said when he spoke to some students at a New York school he visited.

“… at the end of the day, we can have the most dedicated teachers, the most supportive parents, and the best schools in the world – and none of it will matter unless all of you fulfill your responsibilities.

Unless you show up to those schools; pay attention to those teachers; listen to your parents, grandparents and elders; and put in the hard work it takes to succeed.

And that’s what I want you to focus on today: the responsibility each of you has for your education. I want you to start with the responsibility you have to yourself.”

That’s the opportunity an education can provide.

Apartheid has ended, racism has ended, and Imperialism has ended.

But you have a greater enemy, a greater weakness, the strongest weapon of the oppressor. It is the enemy of peace and love, of hope and progress, and communal and national unity.

That enemy is your ignorance, yes YOUR ignorance! Your lack of Education.

The same enemy controls you mind through the use of alcohol and drugs.

When you return to your classes, think of these points:

Why is Africa in trouble? How can you change it for your family, your coming children, and country

Education starts by changing one person’s life, and ends up changing the world.

The only real failure in life is the failure to try. Never give up trying to fulfil your dreams and ideas.

In the end everyone who tries will succeed, and if you haven’t succeeded, then you have not reached the end.

Remember; be proud of who you are and what you have already achieved so far.

Keep moving ahead and set your goals high. Believe in yourself.

Come learners, come save Africa, come re-build Africa, and secure Africa’s future with your Education!

Nkosi Sikelele e’Africa

Thank you for your attention

Mohamed R. Goolam Hussain